About Newman Marine Brokerage

Her father, Jarvis Newman, was a renowned boat builder turned boat broker. Her father’s legacy began with his work with Hinckley Yachts. He started making his own molds from a locally built rowboat and later made his first Friendship sloop mold, leading to the creation of one of the first fiberglass Friendship sloops.

Seeing the potential for fiberglass boats, Newman began building 36-foot hulls designed by Raymond Bunker, his father-in-law. Additionally, the Newman family Friendship sloop, the 31-foot Dictator, a 1904 Robert McLain built sloop, became the model for a second Friendship sloop mold. The Royal Lowell and Eliot Spalding-designed 46-foot and 38-foot models are also part of the fleet of Newman hulls.

Newman Marine Brokerage is a member of Maine Built Boats and YBAA Association of Yacht Sales Professionals.